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Mulago Hospital

Medical oxygen plant

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We installed the first state of art PSA Medical Oxygen Plant in Uganda at Mulago Hospital in 2012.


The oxygen plant is Dual System, which consist of two PSA oxygen generation lines, each line has the capacity to generate 30m³ of Medical Oxygen per hour.







At the end of year 2014, the whole oxygen plant has generated Medical oxygen in the total volume of nearly 600,000m³, which equevalent to 100,000 oxygen cylinders.

Renal Unit






We signed the placement contract with Mulago Hospital, offering free dialysis machines, RO water treatment machine, and free maintenance service for all the dialysis machines in the renal ward.


Mengo Hospital

Medical oxygen plant








Medical Oxygen Plant installed in Mengo Hospital. The plant can generate and fill one cylinder (47L) per hour.


Mayanja Memorial Hospital

Renal Unit







Supplied two Dialysis machines to Mayanja Memorial Hospital in June 2012. We are also offering after sales service to the sold machines till now.







Supplied and installed a 10 Bed 2 stage RO water treatment machine to Mayanja Memorial Hospital in June 2012.