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PSA Medical Oxygen System

BHL Healthcare Ltd is supplying STATE OF THE ART Oxygen Gas Generators for onsite oxygen generation by separating the oxygen from the atmospheric air by using the world’s most Efficient Zeolite Molecular Sieves and well Proven PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption ) Technology. 

Main Features

1.  Our Hospital Oxygen Generators and Oxygen systems use Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology and are designed as per Client’s consumption levels to ensure that they do not break your budget. Meaning we have a range starting from 3NM3/Hr up to more than 200NM3/Hr.



Eliminate the expenses of purchasing, receiving and monitoring your Hospital’s Oxygen supply. We shall design, and Install a Turn – key Medical Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen System. Our Hospital Oxygen Generating Systems is fully automated, easy to maintain and produces a continuous flow of Medical Grade Oxygen.



Our System averages only 2 Kilowatts of Electricity per 1 Nm3 of Oxygen produced.



Our Hospital Oxygen Equipment is fabricated in accordance with all relevant Codes and the Oxygen produced meets the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) XX1 and EP Oxygen 93% Monograph.



The production of Oxygen gas from atmospheric air is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) principle by adsorption of Oxygen gas using a special grade Zeolite Molecular Sieves.


Atmospheric air is compressed by Air Compressor to a set Pressure and cooled to ambient temperature in the heat exchanger. The condensed moisture is drained out automatically from Air receiver by Automatic Drain Valves. The Compressed Air at a constant is passed through the Drying Unit and then passed to the Air Buffer Tank. Then led through the Precision filters for Pure Filtration and then Directed to the Twin Tower PSA modules packed with Special grade Molecular Sieves.


The Entire Operation is Totally Automatic, Controlled by a Sequence Programmer and Quick change over Valves.


Oxygen Gas of 93% purity is produced by the PSA Unit now flows to a Buffer Vessel to balance the fluctuations in Pressure and Concentration. Then later the Gas is pumped to the Storage Vessel to supply to the consumer points using the Booster Pumps.

       PSA Medical Oxygen Flow chart

25 Cubic Meters/hour x 2 lines installed in Embu Level 5 Hospital in Kenya

BHL Branded PSA oxygen generation system (OxyExpress 10+) installed in Kiruddu Hospital

OxyExpress 10+ system was installed in Kiruddu Hospital in October 2018 by BHL HEALTHCARE LTD. The system is equiped with state of the art Class Zero oil free compressors.

OxyExpress 15+ installed in International Hospital Kampala (IHK)

OxyExpress 15+ system and Oxygen Filling station were installed in IHK Hospital in October 2018 by BHL HEALTHCARE LTD.

OxyExpress 15+ installed in Kawempe National Referral Hospital

OxyExpress 15+ system was installed in Kawempe Hospital in October 2018 by BHL HEALTHCARE LTD.